Perennials blooming earlier this year

ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)July 23, 2010

Are any of you gardeners noticing this as well? Many of my perennials, especially my daylilies, are blooming 2-4 weeks earlier than usual this year. Maybe this is due to the mild winter we've had in southern Ontario? or the warmer spring? Plants that usually bloom in late August or even September are blooming now, in early to mid July. I have agreed to a garden tour in mid-September. Will I have anything blooming then, or will they all be going to seed? I am hoping some of my re-blooming daylilies will be flowering, which they usually don't do.

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Plants were off to an early start this spring, so yes some are blooming earlier. If it's a garden tour they will probably have a diversity of plants including many fall blooming flowers.

If your reblooming Daylilies don't rebloom maybe it's because you don't remove the seed pods. If they are allowed to grow seed they will definitely not rebloom. They put all their energy into making seeds not flowers. I am in a cooler zone than you and mine always rebloom. I remove each stem below the foliage as they are finished blooming. The plant sits for a while and then sends up new stalks. It will never have the flush of flowers that they have the first time, but they do produce new flowers

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I don't know. Mine is more consistent with last year's bloom cycles. However I did note that I had plants that bloomed longer.

If you are concerned, add asters to your garden.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Oilpainter, can you give me the names of a few of your re-blooming daylilies. Maybe I just don't have the right cultivars that are reliable re-bloomers. Many of mine are older varieties, so of course I don't expect re-bloom from them. I do have lots of asters and goldenrods, most of them natives, as well as native ironweeds, turtlehead, Jap. anemones, etc., so I know that I will have some colour in my garden.

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I have Stella-De-Oro--a bright golden yellow, Blackeyed Stella--like Stella-De-Oro but with a brown center, Double Stella--a pale yellow many petaled lily and Mini Pearl-- a lovely peach

If yours are sold as everblooming they should rebloom. Stella-De-Oro was the first everbloomer developed, and has preformed well in my garden for around 20 years. In fact I have given away pieces to many people all over town as it needs dividing every 2nd or 3rd year. I get the most flowers out of them the second year after they are divided. Maybe that's what yours needs if you have had them a while

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cziga(Zone 5 -Toronto)

Agreed. In fact, our chrysanthemum has a couple blooms open today ... only a few but the rest are coming and its not even the end of July. This is at least a month early and actually looks sort of odd in the garden, lol!

A lot has bloomed early. I think you're right, probably a combination of a very mild winter (some annuals even survived over the winter) and a warmer than usual Spring (and Summer) ... hastens things along!

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Oilpainter, I think you are right to say that many(?) of the reblooming daylilies need frequent dividing to bloom continuously. I had forgotten that. I believe that Stella d'Oro is the one usually mentioned that needs to be divided often. I will try that with mine. I also have 'Black-Eyed Stella' but don't find that it blooms for very long. Maybe it needs dividing too.

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I am delighted that we have ripe red tomatoes already from the garden

Had my brother and sister in law visiting today , in Barrie, Ontario and brought out a plate of just picked tomatoes
They where a bit wowed that they came from the garden already

As well had lots of basil a combination hard to beat
I agree plants are earlier, for sure

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

It may be because it's been raining almost everyday since last Monday and the temperatures have dipped, but it feels like autumn is in the air.

I thought we were going to have an extra long summer this year, but autumn may come early.

Didn't the earthquake in Chile last March tip the earth's axis? Maybe this has something to do with it.

By reading the various Gardenweb forums, it's easy to conclude that the weather has been unusual in just about every part of Canada and the U.S., and there are daily news reports of extremes in climate worldwide.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

My 'October Skies' (Aster oblongifolius) is starting to bloom today. I couldn't believe it. Cziga already mentioned that her chrysanthemum is starting to bloom also. Both are fall blooming plants normally.
Gee,dianasan, we've hardly had any water here for over a week, just a bit last night. Most of the flowers are starting to droop, even the drought tolerant ones.

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

ontnative, hope you've gotten some rain since.

First it was too much rain, now it's not enough. It hasn't rained here since last Monday and we've got a total watering ban. My lawn is dying and I'm getting tired of hauling my big watering can back and forth to water my plants, flowers and containers. It should have rained all of yesterday and today, but we've gotten hardly a drop yet.

And even though we've been getting temperatures of 28 degrees, I still feel like summer's over --there's just something in the air.

This morning I noticed that a leaf on my Crape Myrtle has turned red and my Sweet Autumn clematis is blooming -- that's always been a harbinger of fall to me.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Still no measureable rain here. I actually gave in and uncoiled my "cheapo" stiff hose and watered my back yard flower beds. They are on a slope, so dry out quickly even though I try to mulch and choose drought tolerant plants. Usually I just water with two plastic watering cans and only the recently planted or dejected looking ones get the water. Survival of the fittest! Haha!!
Dianasan, I grew up in Montreal (Montreal West, to be exact). I left the province when I finished school in 1971 to get a job, and have been in Ontario ever since. I remember the summers as being very hot and getting lots of snow in the winter. I wasn't much of a gardener in those days.

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

Yay! We got rain! Lots of it -- a big downpour last night and a spectacular (kinda scary) thunderstorm this morning, and more rain throughout the day. Everything is wet and wonderful. The sun is breaking through the clouds and the whole garden is glistening. Just beautiful!

My pond is near overflowing. Thank goodness I've been using pond water to fill my watering can the past few days or it would have overflowed.

I don't think any of us were much into gardening back then. I thought my mother's Pothos was just waiting for a chance to wrap around me and squeeze me to death at night while I slept (that's what you get from watching too much Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and other sci-fi TV, lol).

Montreal West is a great place! Do you get to go back to visit occassionnally? I lived in the east end all my life until I moved to the West Island (Pierrefonds) in 2003. I love it here.

The weather in Montreal is pretty much as you describe, but this summer is one for the record books. I think we broke the record high for several days and we got more rain by August 6th (of this year) than we normally get in a whole month. I don't care if we get an early fall, as long as it's a long, warm one. Gotta love those beautiful days of autumn!

I heard Toronto had thunderstorms too yesterday. I guess you don't live in the GTA?

Excuse my asking, but if you're from Montreal, why ont"native"? Were you born in Ontario and raised in Montreal?

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