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mbhoneybee63(5)August 31, 2012

This is my third year raising BST's. I would read posts of the large amount of cats some of you were raising and had always hoped I would find that many. The first year was slim. Last year was better with a total of 13 released and 5 more that overwintered and were released this spring. This year started out very slow, but just lately I have been finding them right and left. My DH laughs at me when I go out to pick fresh parsley for the cats, I kept finding either a newly hatched cat or an egg on the peice I was planning on using for bst food! Up until a few moments ago I had a total of 14 cats in a rearing cage and then I was looking at my not so good looking dill and found 6 more all on one stalk!!! I finally made it to 20! I know that is no kind of record, but it gives me hope that I can catch up with some of you in the seasons to come :) Thanks to all of you for the great info you post and inspiring people like me to to witness the miracles of nature that happen in my own backyard!


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Congratulations on reaching your milestone of 20 cats! Your post made me smile because your experiences and excitement closely match mine when I began raising cats 12 years ago.

Wishing you continued success and enjoyment!

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Thanks Dana,
How many different cats have you raised in your 12 yrs? For me only bst and monarchs. I have a few other host plants for others, but have yet to find the cats. As long as they find the host, I'll worry about finding the cats later. As my DH always tell me, "Just plant it (any and all host plants I can find)and they will come"
Thanks again,

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