Canna Photos from Boca cay

Boca_Joe(zone 7A)May 16, 2007

Hey gang!

I had to rebuild all of my online photo albums when CLUBPHOTO went under.

I have gotten most of the canna photos back up along with my tropicals too. Check out the new link below to SMUGMUG.

So check 'em out and enjoy...

Boca Joe

Here is a link that might be useful: Best of Boca cay photos

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thistle5(z7 VA)

Your garden (& your photos)are stunning! & quite an inspiration-some questions, 1)which bananas do best for you & do they stay outdoors? 2)Your hibiscus are beautiful, do you overwinter these & what are your tips? 3)How about mandevilla, is this overwintered or put in at the beginning of the summer?

You garden looks fabulous, I bet your neighbors come over all the time, checking it out. I really love the combo of eucalyptus, xanthosoma, setacresea, lysimachia, (& some other things I couldn't identify). I'm just starting w/ hardy tropical plants & your garden is the pinnacle of what I'd like to achieve!

What is the purple-stemmed plant in photos 35 & 36 & is that fatsia w/ the pothos on a pole? Sorry for all the questions, but your creation has just blown me away, I imagine quite alot of hard work has gone into it. Thanks for sharing with us...Linda

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)

Musa basjoo is hardy here, depedning on where you live, you may be able to overwinter musella lasiocarpa, or musa sikkimensis, or musa ornata.

I think the plant in the photo is Begonia carolinafolia (giant leaves)...not sure what you are referring to as the purple stem (send me the photo).

Boca Joe

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Great to see some of your photos back Joe! Very inspirational.

Can't wait to see the banana and taro album.


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Good to see your pictures suvived.

Thanks agains!

Let me know if I have something you would like to have you hands on.


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calling out the old-skool peeps - Joe, you out there?

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I always admired your garden...mine is well, almost non-existent. I had a short notice move to AZ. Left the majority of mu beauties back in Texas. Brought a few with me but I deployed and only one survived... out of all, one. Oh well.

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abutilon(z6 sw PA)

Great gardens and photos, Joe :)

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