Is it too late to transplant cannas?

laurelwoodfarms(z7 Ga)May 14, 2005

I'm putting in some new beds and would like to transplant some of my cannas. Is it too hot now to move them? My canna shoots are only about 4-8 inches high. TIA

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sidney_z7(z7b ftw, tx)

i put a canna in the ground 3 weeks ago,at the time it was about 6 inches tall. And now it about 2 1/2 ft tall with a bloom on it.i don't think it;s too late. try it! one never knows, in garding it's about trail and error.

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Not too late, not too hot. For best results, here are a few suggestions.

Before taking the cannas out of their present location, dig the holes where they will go in the new location so you can minimize the time they will spend out of the ground.

Dig the cannas out with a wide enough ball of soil around the rhizomes so as to damage the roots as little as possible. It may be hard to move them without some of that falling away, but it's still better than digging too close and cutting roots off or exposing them to the air.

When filling in with the soil in the new hole, it works best if you use loose, dry soil around the roots or root ball and then water it thoroughly and wait for it to drain through before filling the hole further. This ensures that the soil fills air pockets and covers the roots well without hurting them. Filling the hole by packing in chunks of hard soil or clumps of wet clay is less effective and can cause damage.

The middle of a hot, sunny day would not be the best time to do this. A cool, overcast day would be better, or late in the day, shortly before sunset. In any case, give the cannas plenty of water. At best, they will not be affected at all. At worst, they will be set back a little, but will recover quickly.

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