growing canna from seed

curios(z5/6 NJ)June 1, 2009

could anyone having good success growing canna from seed

tell your secrets. have difficulty gettng them started. thanks.

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I got them to germinate after 4 days! I sanded a very small area until I saw the inside white.

Some folks at Winter Sow forum got them to germinate by wintersowing them around January or February. They are the last to germinate according to their experience. I think, they brought it inside when it sprouted prior to their last average frost.

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I collected seeds last fall and sewed them in the house in January. I kept the seeds on heat mats til they germinated, then immediately removed them from the heat. When they got to be about 4" tall I repotted them into 4" pots. I didn't try the sanding stuff, but probably will next time because the seeds took a really long time to germinate, about 3 weeks. Not all of them germinated but about 80% did. Cheryl

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I sanded all the seeds and all germinated. It only took them to germinate between 4 to 7 days. However, I think I am missing some gadget in my indoor growing. I really had a hard time making them grow inside. They were in a south window sill but I don't think the heat is not strong enough to warm them. Out of 16 seedlings, only 2 made it.

Maybe, I should provide a flourescent lamp for plants that I will grow indoors. This is what I don't have.

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You may check this link. I think it's very helpful:

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

I too scarified all my seeds and all germinated in 4-5 days. I use 4' fluorescent shop lights to get them started until they are 5-6" tall. My first bloom is peeking out now.

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I don't scar mine,but I'd say mine roast in the ground combined with watering and just...sprout. i'd say they sprout faster in a large pot with potting mix,than in the ground,but I've not had rain since may 13th then got about an inch Monday.but I've been growing them this way for 4 years now....
plus Tx sun is different fromNJ.

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

I scarified mine and put in south window in March. I had to use a metal rasp on high speed drill to sand the coating off. Sandpaper wouldn't do it. I then soaked them in warm water until they swelled, then planted. The dwarf ones are blooming now. Very rewarding experience. I would love to do it again if I can find someone with fancy canna seed to trade.

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I'm in z5 just north of Toronto Ontario (Canada). I hold the seed with a pair of pliers, and rub against a wood file until I see white. Rinse in water, and drop them in a water bottle just enough hot water from the tap to cover an inch over the seeds. I have some starting to sent up a stalk. I'm thinking if I planted them in more sun they'd bloom sooner. The ones right along the fence were from rhizomes, but you'll see they aren't much different than the seed grown ones.

I started these around Easter:

mid July

early August

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That is great. Are you saying you drop the seed in the bottle with just water (without soil?) I am anxious to try this. Thanks a lot

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I just found this forum by accident searching for information on growing Canna from seeds (usually in the salvia and hummingbird forums). Here's some interesting information I found and thought I'd share with others interested in the subject. Would love to hear back from anyone who's actually tried this.


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