Clematis or ? in a planter?

mizcupcakeJuly 26, 2009

Hi Everyone!

We have built a deck this year and my DH is going to build cedar planters and an arbor as the entrance/exit to steps to give it some 'character' opposed to a 'box' on the back of the house.

I would like to plant clematis or some kind of flowering vines in them. He is going to to line them with styrofoam and I would like some suggestions as to what would overwinter in a zone 5 garden under these conditions.

This is on the south side of the house and gets full sun.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Brenda

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The trouble with perennials in planters is the freeze and thaw cycle which will kill plants. Making them big and lining them with styrofoam helps. On the south side there will be a lot of freeze and thaw, because the sun beats down in the day and then it freezes at night.

Clematis likes to have it's head in the sun and it's feet--or roots--shaded. If you want the look of the boxes, make them without bottoms and plant the Clematis in the ground and put some mulch around it. The box will shade the roots. The mulch will keep weeds out and you avoid the danger of freeze and thaw.

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