brown area on leaves

nucci60(6 Ma.)June 23, 2008

Planted a canna bed with about 20 rhizomes of different canna. Most have broken ground and are fine. Some like Striped Beauty and musifolia have some brown on the leaves at the edges and some new unfurled leaves have browm tips.Couldn't find the answer in FAQs and the areas are not orange. Too much moisture maybe?

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I just read another post that someone had mushy brown tips on their leaves and someone mentioned canna leaf roller? I found some on mine like that too. and sprayed them.

In another area, I have some where the lower leaves are brown and dead looking. I wonder what could be causing this? Definitely not too much water for mine..not enough would be more like it.

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cannacrazy(8 SC)

I'm having a problem with some of my leaves not unrolling. It's almost as if the leaves are glued because they are so tightly rolled. When I try to unroll them, I have to pry the edges loose and then there's usually dirt or some kind of grit inside. What is a canna leaf roller and what are you spraying them with? I'm seeing this problem in several locations in my yard but it doesn't appear to be widespread among the many cannas I have.

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