Id for Canna please and a few Q's

dazed77(6)June 29, 2005

Hi, I have 2 types of Canna lilies. This is my first time growing these. Can anyone ID these for me? Also, one is flowering already and I am wondering if I can collect seeds from it since its a young plant? If so, please tell me how I can collect the seeds.

Both of them have red flowers.

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Also, I have 3 of the second canna spaced about 2 feet apart from each other and the first canna flanks those 3 on either side. Would this be ok? I wanted to have a mixture of foliage.

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weatherguy(z6 Illinois)

I don't know what they are but that spacing in fine.

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I noticed that you have your 1st one staked. It really isn't necessary to stake cannas. They will stand on their own.


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I've heard that cannas can be grown from seed, but that the resulting plants won't necessarily be the same as the parent plant.

You take the black seeds out of the dried seedpod, crack them, & put them in water.

However, *I* never was able to get them to grow from seed:
All I got was slimey water, & I had to pour hot water over the seeds to crack them (which broke a lot of them completely apart.)

Now for the good news:

In your climate, you don't *need* to grow them from seed:
Here in Texas & all over the southern US, they spread via rhizome increase, & your climate is even better for them than ours.

Next year, you'll have more, & then even more the following year, & then...

Best luck, & enjoy!


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Thanks for your replies! Jaceysgranny, I took out the stakes. It was a little windy just after I planted them so I didn't want them to move around.

Sylvia, I have seen a few gardens filled with cannas in large clumps. They are so pretty when they are in masses. I am a little curious about growing them from seed. I love growing from seed and every one is like an experiment for me, so I want to try to grow these from seed also...Could you tell me if the photos below are of the seedpods? If so, do I have to let them dry on the plant itself? When will I know if they are ready to be taken off and cracked open? Sorry for asking so many questions (I tend to do that..) Thanks again for your help..

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Sorry I can't help you identify them but there is a wonderful website with lots of pictures and descriptions if you want to go poke around you may be able to determine which it is. Here's the link. There are other great sites out there too but that one has the most different ones I believe.

Those are your seedpods and they will swell up really big and eventually crack so you can see the seeds. When this happens take the seeds out. They will be big, black hard seeds and you will have to use a nail clipper or nail file to make a nick in them. I use an emery board and just file down one side until I see white, after that you can put them in a glass of warm water and in a few days you will see a white sprout. When they sprout you can plant them either in the ground or a pot. I've also read that some people just plant the seeds without all the prepration and they sprout but it takes a long time. Either way, it's fun and rewarding to grow your own. As Sylvia said, they don't come true from seeds so you will have something different perhaps.


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Thanks Nancy. That is a great site. I think mine may be 'Ambassador'. I am not sure of course, but it does resemble the picture. Until now I was thinking that it was tropicanna..I am letting the seeds dry out on the plants. The thought of maybe having a different variety of canna is exciting! The salesperson at the nursery did say that it was a hybrid that I bought....

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