canna pretoria

v1rtJune 17, 2009

My pretoria on ground on a full sun location grows slowly. My black knight are already 12-14" tall. However, my tallest pretoria is only at 8 inches. The rhizomes were planted at the same time.

Is this normal? Is there anything I can apply to make it grow faster?


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I have a pretoria too and its not growing too fast. I think I have it in too small of a pot. My canna wyoming is growing lighting speed and seems to be enjoying the cool rain that wont go away. It looks like it might flower in the next week or two. My wyoming was planted about a month later than my petoria and its about 2 1/2 - 3 feet tall (not counting pot) and my petoria is about 1 1/2 feet tall (not counting pot).

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'Pretoria' (aka 'Bengal Tiger' - its more "politically correct" name) is typically not one of the taller cannas; I would expect Wyoming to be taller at this point. Mine (which are perennial here) top out at about 5', and that's only when they're in bloom; the flower scape adds a couple of feet.

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cannacrazy(8 SC)

My Bengals did not even bloom last year. This year they are soooo happy. Take a look ...

I've sprayed several times this year with Miracle Grow and this is how the rest of my cannas look.

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I'm now thinking how the folks who planted the pretorias at United Center last year got the Pretorias really tall.

The label says 6-7 ft tall.

I'll try adding more miracle gro fertilizer.


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