Here's a dumb question but...

nico6196(Z5a)July 23, 2008

I actually don't know the answer.

We were planning on putting a garden alongside our driveway but hadn't had an opportunity to get it ready when a neighbor had alot of extra soil which he would give us. So instead of killing of the grass or getting rid of it before putting the soil down, the soil was piled on top of the grass.

My question is, will all this soil kill off the grass or will the grass grow right through it and haunt me for years to come?

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Easy. Assuming it's a thick pile of soil, it will definitely block sunlight and kill off the grass, but there will be some stragglers and will come thru. A bit of an irritation to deal with that grass that came through and you won't have a clean edged flower bed unless you edge it with a small trench.

Technically speaking, you really don't need to remove the grass in order to create a new bed. You could have layed down newspapers which have been wetted down and piled on the soil. Cut a clean edge using an edging tool the edger will prevent grass from the surroundings from invading the bed and the newspapers will prevent any stray grass from surfacing.

So to remedy this situation, I would suggest removing some of that soil from a spot and set it aside. Add the newspapers, and then returning the soil, then work on the next spot and do the same method again. A bit of work but I think much less than having to dig out the grass.

to plant in the bed immediately, dig a hole in the soil and cut through the newspaper so the plant has access to the soil beneath. The grass will be dying but your plant wont.

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Thanks... I spent about 5 days moving soil, putting newspaper down and moving the soil back. It's all done and I can't wait to plant something there in the spring.

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