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CJ-Speciosa(7a)June 13, 2014

So I've just picked up a few of those for containers placed around my pool. (Canna var. Phasion) I think they are fantastic looking. I have a few that have bloomed and am wondering if after they are done blooming, if that particular "stem" is done flowering?

It appears that once a growth blooms, that's it for that growth. Am I correct in assuming that?

Also, if this is the case, do they just continue sending up new shoots that subsequently bloom all summer long? Should I cut down the spent stems after blooming to encourage new shoots?

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C J,

Typically most canna cultivars will produce two to four flower heads per stalk. Each flower cluster is produced on separate short stems arising off the main stalk. It is permissible to carefully remove (cut) the smaller off-set flower stem but do not cut the main stalk at this time. As your plant continues to produce new stalks and foliage the original stalk may be (if you chose) totally removed near the base of the plant once that stem has completed its flowering cycle.

For first timers, it might be best to simply remove each individual bloom after it begins to wither or dry without cutting any stems. It becomes readily apparent how and where to remove the spent flower clusters with a little experience.

For those who wish to harvest seed you do not want to remove the flower clusters because the seed pods form at the base of each flower. Canna var. Phasion aka Tropicanna is sterile and will not produce viable seed.


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Thanks! So will I be able to see the new flower head growing up after the last flower cluster has fully bloomed?

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