Deadhead? I'm new to cannas

chrisware(5-6 wv)June 27, 2013

Hi everyone,
I grow almost everything, but this is my first time with cannas and we love them now. This is Tropicanna which we picked up at Home Depot as two little plants in late May. I was just happy with the color, not thinking they would grow this well. Wow!
These guys,get baked in the afternoon sun on our back patio, and they appear to love fertilizer. Ha
Question.... Should I dead head those cute fuzzy seed pods?

Thanks all,

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Welcome to cannas Chris,

Deadheading can be beneficial assuming you are not interested in harvesting seed from the cultivars that are not sterile. Your Tropicanna does not produce viable seed.

Cannas are heavy feeders that benefit from plenty of room to grow their underground root system. If by chance you decide to invest in more cannas you may want to research canna virus.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Cannas make flowers in clumps along a stalk. When one clump finishes, you should be able to see the next one getting ready below it. I trim them a clump at a time since I usually go too far or break the stalk trying to remove the balls. While waiting for all of the individual flowers to finish, you can easily pick off the browned flower parts without fear of causing damage. Stalks on younger plants don't always have a 2nd clump of flowers on the stalk but I still deadhead them because I just don't like looking at any dead flowers, and definitely don't need to try to make more Cannas via seeds.

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