Is it too late to plant bulbs in Houston

RudyBacon2June 22, 2014

I got an amazing deal on some packaged cannas and would like to plant them. I'm new to the Houston area so I am not familiar with the area. Even if they would not bloom this year I just need to know if it will hurt them to plant them so late. By the way if you know about other bulbs I also got day lilies, iris, etc.

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I am assuming that Houston refers to Houston, TX but that really would not make much difference except you do have a much longer growing season than the rest of us. Definitely plant your cannas now and provide them with plenty of sun and water. In Houston, Texas you will likely see blooms this year providing your great deal cannas are healthy.

As for your other bulbs I suspect they will survive better being planted.


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It's never too late to plant cannas, irises, & daylilies in Texas.

The sooner you plant them, the sooner they'll take hold & thrive.

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