Canna ID?

Mikey(SoCal-Z10-22/23)June 16, 2005

I grew this from seeds I obtained. It's potted and appears to be medium in height and has green leaves. I searched Karchesky and the closest I found was "Konigen Charlotte" but it's not the same canna. This has three main petals that are mostly yellow with that red strip and spots down the center. A fourth petal is smaller, mostly red with yellow on the edges and often overlaps a larger yellow petal as it is here in the upper open flower. This fourth petal is separated in the lower flower. A fifth petal is very small, yellow with red spots all over. Can anyone ID? - Mike

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That's a nice looking flower. If you grew this plant from a seed, then it is genetically unique because it is a result of sexual reproduction. Therefore, it has no name as a variety unless you give it one. All named varieties are propogated only by rhizome division. A seedling of a named variety has different DNA than the parent, so it is not the same cultivar as the parent.

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Thanks nicolo for responding. I know little of plant genetics but this flower physically looks like the parent plant from which it came. Unfortunately though, I don't know the name of the parent plant, thus my inquiry. - Mike

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The parent might be 'Cleopatra' or 'Lucifer'.

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josette_sc(8 SC)

do you have a picture of the leaf? The Cleopatra has a black stripe in it's leaf.

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Cleopatra also has red stripes on some leaves.


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