Question about first fall frost date..?

BigN_187(9)May 12, 2013

According to the calculator on this website, I am located in zone 9. According to one other resource (it was a USDA map, or calculator, I can't remember which) I am located in zone 8a.

First of all, which is it really? My zip is 93614.

Second, when can I expect the first fall frost? From what I've read (sources vary in information) it seems it should hit sometime between early/mid November or (very) early December. Sound right?

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

First Fall Frost listed as being between Nov 1-10

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Records have kept by your county extension service. In any one county the frost pattern may vary widely. Low areas called 'frost pockets' are common in most areas of varying elevation. Your local information is best, but it is only an average, meaning the actual date is variable. Al

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Your first fall frost date could fall anywhere from mid-October to mid-November, but the average is probably around the first. As Al notes, because you are in a foothill region, the average first frost date for your specific site may differ markedly from the average for your area. Well-drained slopes with a southerly or westerly aspect may experience a killing frost weeks after adjacent low areas.


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