Butterfly Pink Brugmansia

gogalJune 16, 2013

I'm a little late in ordering/planting my Butterfly Pink Brugmansia (due to circumstances beyond my control) and as an Angel Trumpet newbie have a few questions.

The reasons that I chose Butterfly Pink are that it seemed to have all the characteristics that I wanted. I wanted the most fragrant, frequent flowering Brug that I could find that others indicated was not too challenging to grow.

Question 1:

I would like to plant the gallon size plant in the ground in a "U" shaped area where it will be shaded from direct sun until lunch but get afternoon sun later in the day with some shade from a balcony. Will this spot be too "hot" for my Butterfly?

Question 2:

The soil is good garden soil. What should I add?

Question 3:

Should the plant be cut back before the first frost and if so, how low?

I appreciate any help!


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morning sun is better,but in your area abit of afternoon shoulnt hurt.if its miracle grow soil,truely it wont last.brugs are a hungry plant.if you want the flush of blooms you bought it for.if you dig a big hole once and fill it with good compost put your plant in there,water her in plently of mulch,she should be good to go for a while.depending on how big you want her to get over the years.fertilize when you see her "Y" off and set blooms.as far as cutting back .heavy mulch for winter.i leave mine alone.unless i plan to take cuttings for next years new sets.hope this helps.

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