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inkneedeepMay 27, 2008


Is anyone in Inland Southern California growing any kind of nut trees. Many I look at that I think would take our climate need deep soil...I don't think I have that ANYWHERE! I seem to be able to go down 2 feet max in my best beds before hitting rock. Our soild is full of rock and when you see the new homes around us being built..the hillside gets dug out and it looks like solid rock!

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Rock means you can grow things other people can't.
But I assume you have clay or adobe on top?
Almonds? Pistachios?
Short, but implies Persian/English Walnuts should be good:
Macs probably need a lot of water:
[ snip]
M. integrifolia. Originated at the Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, Waimanalo, Hawaii. Large nuts, occasionally with twin halves. Shell relatively thick. Kernel 38-1/2% of nut, flavor good, oil content 75%. Tree medium-sized, pyramidal, productive, begins to bear after 5 years. Produces nuts in large clusters. Resistant to frost and disease. Grows well in cooler climates, particularly near the ocean. Also yields good crops inland.


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