New to Canna - Do some of mine have the virus?

rspauldi2June 11, 2009

We put in a pool last fall and decided to have a tropical landscape around the pool. Canna fit that bill perfectly and I purchased quite a few of them and from different places. I didn't know anything about the canna virus at the time. Now I know about it, but not that much. I think all of mine are okay with the exception of the Cleopatra. Below are pics. What do you think??

The Tropicanna I purchased at a big box store. They look okay to me. Here is a pic of the flower...

Tropicanna leaf....

Pink Sunburst I purchased at Brian's Botanicals in Louisville. Look okay to me. Here is a pic of the leaf (no flowers yet)...

Australia, also purchased at Brian's. Look okay to me.

Intrigue, also purchased at Brian's. Look okay to me.

Now the Cleopatra. I purchased these rhizomes (8 of them) off ebay. They are just now coming out of the ground and these are the first leaves. I have searched the web to find pics of the foliage for this variety but all I can find are pics of the flowers. I don't know if the light green in the leaf is normal or not. The spotting in the leaf has me worried. What do you think?

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yes the pics of the cleopatra leave does look unhealthy, it could be virus! You should keep it away from the others.

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Not that you asked, but, your cannas would grow better without that mulch because it keeps the soil cool. Better yet, use black plastic sheeting to warm the soil.

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Your Cleopatra looks like virus for sure, the others look fine.
I have attached a link of a healthy pic for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Canna Cleopatra

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panspipes(zone 9)

So it's now 3 years later. What happened? Did the virus spread to the other cannas?

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