Strange Caterpillar

gldno1August 24, 2010

I found 4 of these on my 4 0'Clocks this morning. Does anyone know what they are? From August 2010

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I forgot to mention is is quite large 3-4 inches long now.

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White Lined Sphinx Moth (Hummingbird Moth) :)

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Oh, you lucky girl! I've wanted these for soooooooooo long and have yet to cultivate them in my garden. My 4 o'clocks did not come back this year, so will have to plant them next year. I want to plant the white flowering ones to attract the sphinx moths at night to nectar.



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Thank you so much. I have seen the moths! I just couldn't get a picture of one.

There are seeds all around these that look like I have sprinkled pepper. I will move some around a little more so they won't be out in the grass at the edge of the bed.

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Gosh, what a TREMENDOUSLY terrific find! Wow! I have never seen them. Wow. Lucky you indeed!! Nice pic!

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I had a visit from one the other day-er,evening. It was different from the other ones I have seen. It actually looked like a moth. The others looked exactly like a hummingbird,colored green and had little black tail feathers, except they had antenna. I thought I was seeing things so I looked it up in the library. This one flew from the petunias in the flower box to the rose of Sharon. I would liked to have taken a picture of it but I was trying to keep the cat from catching it.

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That is a wonderful discovery! What an excellent picture! I haven't seen one in the caterpillar stage before. I took a hike the other day and found two interesting cats as well. Your posting made me want to share my pictures. I just posted them a minute ago. It's so fun what you can find hiding in nature!

Here is a link that might be useful: My garden and caterpillars

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