Too Late to Plant Cannas?

East_Texas_Melody(Z8 East Texas)June 4, 2006

We have obtained a variety of cannas, they are like bulbs but I donÂt think thatÂs what you call them. The bulbs are properly stored IÂm sure of that but what I donÂt know is that if itÂs better to plant them now or should we wait until spring? I would love to go ahead and get them into the ground now. Thanks for any help!

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I'd plant the rhizomes now and enjoy them the rest of the summer.
We've had a wet, cool spring and mine are just now showing a couple of leaves so it's definitely not too late.
Just be sure to water them regularly.

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I just planted some here in NC, and I have planted them as late as July and they did fine.



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skygardening(z9 FL)

In zone 8 I would think you wouldn't even have to lift them this winter. Check that out to make sure. You have plenty of time to see them bloom.

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East_Texas_Melody(Z8 East Texas)

They are in the ground! I couldn't wait after I got the go-a-head! I plan on trying to keep them in the ground this winter. Thanks for all your help and suggestions!!!

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I'm also in a zone 8 and leave mine year round and they always return. I either mulch or leave the dead stalks and leaves on the ground to act as a mulch, then I clean it off early spring before the rhizomes sprout.

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I'm in zone 5. I have planted as late as july and still got blooms. I even had a few overwinter in the ground this year.

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East_Texas_Melody(Z8 East Texas)

Hard to believe but when I planted them 3 short days ago they were not as well preserved as I thought and a few were sprouting... long story short I have one that has poked through the ground! I'm so excited! Thanks for all your advice!

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Melody,where in east Texas?Im from Shreveport,La.I havent found a Canna I could killyet,here in this area.Im always moving plants around and planting all summer.I usually try to put some of each type of canna in the full sun,and in an afternoon shade area,the ones infull sun are usually a bit shorter than the ones in afternoon shade,I dont water a lot,I hate to baby plants,and I have never lost any.I got 3 Bengal Tigers last spring,now I have al least 50,and have given many away.You definetly want to leave them in the ground around here,I still had some blooms in mid DEC last year.Good Luck!!

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Melody - you and I have similar topics posted.... This is my first time with these bulbs... Isn't it exciting ???

I've planted 9... each one has about 3 or 4 leaves now...

In my original post, I just mentioned a "mishap"... today, my neighbor happened to run over 2 of the plants with a lawn mower.. They're now about 2-3 inches high - wonder if they'll still grow....

Can't wait to see them when they reach full bloom - be sure to post photos if you get a chance....

Enjoy !!! ~~ janice ~~

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East_Texas_Melody(Z8 East Texas)

Joannla, I live in Tyler and love it. IÂm from the Dallas area and wouldn't go back. Last weekend I actually went back to the store and they had their cannas on for cheaper this time so I bought more to fill in the ones that I think where rotted from before. Anyway they havenÂt started coming up yet but IÂm sure they will. This batch looked much better than the first and about half of those first ones are peaking through now. My husband bought a Tropicana for for my birthday, it's about a foot or so and I noticed today there is another sprout coming up! We paid more for that one the we did our first batch of cannas. I looked up the Bengal Tigers and they are beautiful! I think what IÂd like to start doing now that I have a start is add some less common every year. I think the leaves are as beautiful as the flowers. I hope mine multiply just as fraction as much as yours did. When you leave them in the ground do you cover them? We were thinking of buying some hay or something.

Janice, yes it is very exciting. I go outside to check on them before work, when I come home for lunch and then again several times before dark. What kind did you plant? I hope you have gotten an answer about your "mishap"... IÂm sure they will be alright, they sound pretty tough. Oh IÂll post plenty of photos, you do the same.

Have a safe and fun 4th!!!!!!!!!

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Hi,Melody!!I love taking the Grandbabies to the zoo in Tyler!!
I only mulch my "special" Cannas ,the plain old fashioned orange ones I have been gradually moving out of the garden area to hide a chainlink fence at the back of our property,I dont worry about them and from the looks of things they are happy that way.I usually mulch with chopped leaves,just vacume them up with the leaf blower/vac and empty it around the beds,I get leaves from my DDs house as well.

Good luckwith your Cannas,there are so many different types they will keep you wanting more!!

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