Canna producing LOTS of seeds!

rhapsdy(z8-9, La.)June 17, 2011

OK - a friend of the family gave me a bunch of cannas last year and I didn't even notice if they made seeds last year. I'm a novice gardener but trying to learn and love the results of flowers in the garden!

This year we've had a warm early summer and I've had gorgeous canna's that have grown massive, put out beautiful flowers, and while it's still flowering nicely it's also got tons of seeds! Today I went out and collected all of the seed pods that were dry and cracking, and now have tons of seeds!

A few questions -

Do I just hold on to these seeds until next spring and start them then?

Or, since it's really just the beginning of our summer here and we have at least 3 more months of hot weather (possibly even more - I'm in south Louisiana) can I start them now and grow them this season?

Also, do people trade seeds on here? :)

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rhapsdy(z8-9, La.)

Oh - and here are some pictures :)

Seeds galore!

Anyone able to ID this canna?

Journey's End Canna

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livsauntieshel(6b/7a south PA)

You could start some now if you want. Canna seeds need to be scarified or soaked prior to sowing, because of the hard shell. The seeds you start now probably won't flower this year, and they may have a rough time making it over the winter if they don't have a large enough rhizome. You could bring them in the house over the winter, and keep them from going dormant by leaving them in a sunny window.

I am jealous of your early flowers. The only one of mine in full flower I bought at a nursery 2 weeks ago. One of my others that I got from Horn is just starting to show a stalk but no flowers yet.

People do trade seeds on here, I don't think it's peak trading time but keep an eye out around September maybe, in the main exchange forum mostly (including a link). The exchange side of the canna forum doesn't seem to get much traffic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Exchange Forum

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rhapsdy(z8-9, La.)

Thanks! I decided since I had so many seeds I might as well try doing some now and see what happens. I nicked them with nail clippers last night and they are now soaking in water. I found a link that explained the process and we shall see what happens! I'll put them in soil once they start breaking out of the seed in the water. :)

My plants here have been blooming for over a month - apparently it's been a good year for cannas in south la. *laugh* Last year I only had a few flowers - this year I have a few new flowers each day it seems! Here is a picture of the garden from yesterday:

I hope yours start to flower soon! :)

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livsauntieshel(6b/7a south PA)

It looks good! I like the palm in the background as well. Oh mine will flower, eventually. We didn't have a very warm spring so everything is slower than last year. They're about 2 feet tall, max, even though I started them in pots in April.

You may need to thin them at the end of the summer or next year. You'll be amazed at the size of the clumps, and people trade rhizomes on here too. Some people also sell them on ebay.

Oh and remember to change the water the seeds are soaking in every day or 2. Don't let it get stagnant. I used hot when I changed water, but not boiling hot.

Good luck, it sounds like you're on the right track :)

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What might you be interested in, in exchange for some of each of your canna seeds? I would LOVE to have some!

Thanks for your consideration!

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rhapsdy(z8-9, La.)

I would be glad to trade something with you for some canna seed! I looked at your trade list - do you still have any day lily available? I'm not sure what you are willing to trade for the seeds - just let me know! :)

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I'm curious how they turned out.... did they sprout? I have a ton of seeds starting and am eagerly waiting to harvest them and try too!

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granny123-2006(6 Middle TN)

Hi Would love to have some seeds of Jurney's End Canna, I have daylly seeds to trade. Thanks Charlene

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Your garden is beautiful!
I'd love to trade for some of your canna seed (yellow and red spotted, Journey's End).Please take a look at my list. My plants have been hit by the frosts we've had this week. Though it freezes in Birmingham, we can leave cannas in the ground year round.


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Since you asked, your red Canna is probably called "Robert Kemp". You have a lovely yard. Candy

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