Bloom'n Canna Pictures

bearstate(9A)June 13, 2007

I had posted these pics in another thread, in response to my idiot mistaking Canna for Strelitzia but the final bloom pic is so nice, I thought it didn't deserve to be missed by being lost at the bottom of some other thread.

Here's that bloom'n Canna:

And here's what it looked like just prior to blooming:

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And the answer is ...

Canna Flacida, the Golden or Yellow Canna

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This Canna x generalis 'Tropicanna' that I just bought was only buds at the time. After a day of watering it started to bloom ...

And it was sooooo fast ... that it seemed to happen while I watch'n and taking the pictures ...

Oh my!

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It is wonderous strange where the Canna form their seed pods, below where the flower was on the stem ...

The Canna Flacida bloom shown above dropped off and the pod formed below it. It also looks kind of like it will bloom again with what look like new flower buds above the pods.

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