Diference between cannas x generalis

sariguellaJune 5, 2010

Hello Im new here and I would like to know

Whats the diference between canna x generalis, yellow king humbert, and canna flacida?

What cannas are tall 5 feet or more, that have a yellow flower and no red specks?

Or is there a canna that the flower is ONLY yellow?

Between the cannas that have a yellow flower are they hibrids?

Is there a hybrid between the canna tropicana and any other yellow canna?

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1 - Hi!
2 - possibly nothing. A lot cannas have multiple names
3 - I think I have seen a few, some might have specks, some more prominent than others, ck out Karchesky canna or far east cannas for pics
4 -refer to above
5 - dont know
6 - the closet thing I can think of is Pretoria/ Bengal tiger

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