Pokeweed advice

QcKanuk(USDA Zone4)July 31, 2006

I splurged and bought a Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Rainbow' and before I knew it, these huge plants were sprouting along side of it, eventually killing it. The guy who sold me the plant must have had Pokeweed berries in his soil. I wasn't sure what the huge plants were until recently, but with a small garden, I'm now afraid of what they'll do. Any advice from seasoned gardeners? I don't mind luring birds to my garden, but I don't want these plants to spread everywhere. Should I move them to a more secluded place at the back of one of my beds (lots of shade!). Thanks.

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Just remove them. If you didn't plant them there in the first place and it has shown it's invasive tendencies then remove them.


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I occasionally grow shrubs considered invasives but start doing my homework before I do so and am selective about where I place them even though we have a fair sized property. But if what you experienced happened to me, I'd be yanking out that Pokeweed so fast it wouldn't have time to hiccup!!

Coincidentally, I was actually looking at getting Pokeweed seeds from Gardens North yesterday. Read a few sites on it, and in 5 minutes decided it was too invasive. Your post has convinced me that I was right.

There are other less invasive shrubs which you can get for the birds. Yank that Pokeweed out!

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QcKanuk(USDA Zone4)

It's been yanked!! Thanks for your advice, ianna and tiffy. I have moved it for the time being, to where the clay soil and dappled light will probably contain the growth, but I am keeping a very close eye on it.

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Also keep in mind that some parts of this plant can be toxic to humans. The berries, for intance, look like blueberries, so if you have young children which will be about the property, I would keep an eye on them.

I have a daughter, but she's old enough now that I can plant such things since she knows not to eat berries which she doesn't know or touch plants which have been pointed out to her. As a precaution we also advise all her friends not to go in the gardens unless I'm there as some plants are poisonous.

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