Anyone with problems after storing The President (red)?

tess_2008June 7, 2008

I lift all my cannas every fall. Last year I had about 4 laundry baskets full of a tall red variety (it was a gift to me that keeps on giving) with tiny flowers. It stores great and reproduces beautifully (name unknown). However, I have never had as much luck with The President (red)which I had at least one laundry basket. They looked good last fall when I lifted them, but seemed much smaller this year when I planted them and no where near the body of the taller variety. They seemed a little dried and small. Anyway, everything is starting to sprout up just within the last week, but no President. All my rhizomes I dig up every fall, wash, air dry, and then hang in net laundry bags from hooks from the ceiling joists in my basement. I haven't dug around looking for life in the Presidents yet, but was wondering if anyone else has this problem with a shorter variety. I have planted many Richard Wallace and also Princess Di in two new beds this year. My fear is that I continue to store these over winters, plant them in the spring, and then don't know they aren't going to grow until it is way too late to remedy the problem. Perhaps The President is harder to have success with after lifting? Another fear is investing a lot in certain cannas if they don't grow again. I bought about 200 again this year and would like to figure this out before I spend any more in future years. I used to live in a zone 8 and can't seem to shake my need to see the President each and every year in mass!Any thoughts?

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Julia NY(6)

I'm not sure but I posted something similar regarding Lenape and The President that I purchased. Both of these are still showing no growth at all and the others I purchased are doing fine so it's not the potting soil.

I would contact your local cooperative extension (university) to see if they can help.


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Good idea. It just doesn't make sense to me how I can store all my canna the exact same way and 3/4 be great and the other 1/4 (which is the President) not be. I will dig down a little maybe today and let you know my results. I have purchased these and found the President to often be a little small or dried looking, so I have not given it much thought until now.
I was hoping somebody out there maybe knew that if this variety always looked this way or not.
I hope mine do "something." I am out of garden budget for the summer and buying more... well, let's just say I don't want to have to join some gardening equivalent to AA or other compulsive habit, and I shouldn't be buying any more bulbs or plants.

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Since cannas are rhizomes, make sure that you store them in bags with a little peat moss so that they don't dry out. Unlike bulbs, they will die if stored where they will dry out. Also, if they are stored too wet, or in too cool of an area, they will mold. They should be stored in temperatures of about 50-55 F.

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