Living with canna virus?

katob Z6ish, NE PaJune 21, 2013

I'm asking a question that I think I already know the answer to. I got this bannana canna in a trade and I think it's got a good lively dose of virus. Should I put it out of its misery or hope for the best?
Most of my other canna don't look too bad... I probably shouldn't risk it right?... but I've wanted this one for a long time :(

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Your canna definitely appears to have a virus; possibly CaYSV.

If your other cannas are healthy and you wish to risk growing this plant I would certainly grow if as far away from the other cannas as possible.


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Thanks Kent, that's a very diplomatic answer.
I'm not going to take the risk, I just looked at some more online info on CaYSV and don't want to encourage anything like that happening in my garden. It's possible my cannas have something already but compared to others they're pretty clean. Better if I try to keep them that way and find another bannana canna.

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