Can Canna survive in pots?

smokedbyremy(Sunset Z18, SoCal)June 27, 2010

I have one Canna (Tropicanna) that I bought at Home Depot about two years ago. It is still in its orig plastic pot in my yard. It has never bloomed since I purchased with flowers on it.

The plant gets many rolls but they do not produce anything. The soil is extremely fast draining, and I may not have watered as often as the plant would have liked (in fact the soil has prob been left to dry out often). Could this be a big factor, and should I balance the soil to be a bit less quick draining?

I would like to have the plant in a large pot on my patio in the future. I dont believe the plant is root bound, and it does not appear to have any disease. Rolls come out looking very well. They just don't ever flower and eventually dry up.



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The first thing I would do is transplant it, 2 years in the same size pot is stunting its growth. I have 2 cannas in large pots and I water them every morning.

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smokedbyremy(Sunset Z18, SoCal)

Thank you Christine.


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I live in London and we have frosts and snow in the winter. Should I bring my cannas in their pots indoors, or would that be too warm?
Or should I remove the corms and store them in the shed?

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