Japanese Beetles

flowerlover1971June 8, 2006

These little buggers eat up my cannas (and the blooms on my crepe myrtles). The bags (as I found out the hard way) aren't bery effective. Seven Dust works o.k. on lower leaves, but sine cannas are upward-facing, it slides down adn they eat the top leaves. Any suggestions?!?!? Love my cannas, but I'm tire of fighting the J.B.'s!!!!!!!

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aquarius1974(z8 SC)

I use the $3 can of indoor/garden insect killer from the hardware store and spray the bugs when I see them. It hasn't hurt the leaves and the little buggers fall off and die in a matter of seconds.

Last year the leaf rollers gave me grief...this year it's the JBs!

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I use the bag with bait to catch JB's, and it is somewhat effective. In addition, I use Bayer Rose and Flower Insect Spray. I walk around my garden in the evening and spray a little on the JB's that I see. The next day they are dead. Keep in mind that the JB comes from the grubs in your grass. Next year I am going to be more diligent in treating my grass for grubs.

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Really minicubed? What do you treat your lawn with to kill the larvae? I've been a homeowner (read: pest fighter) for 6 years now and have fought the JB's every year! If there's a way to get ahead if them I'd love to know!!

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username_5(banned for no reason)

Killing the JB in your lawn will not eliminate JB. The JB will travel miles for food. Yes, killing the larvae of this pest can be deeply satisfying, but it won't end the troubles if your area has a significant JB problem. To end the problem the government needs to quit hemming an hawing and release the natural predators into the wild on a large scale.

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There is all kinds of stuff sold at the home improvement garden shops. You would have to read the label to see what can be used on your type of grass. There will be a picture of that horrible grub; the one you want to eliminate.

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Look into Milky Spore for safe, long term, organic control of JB grubs in the lawn and garden.

As username_5 said, JB's will travel so they may still damage your plants even though they do not reside in your soil. Look into a systemic insecticide and spot treat only when necessary.



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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Last year I tried a new product (at least new to me) called Bayer Tree and Shrub insect control on a crape myrtle, hardy hibiscus, and a red maple tree. It's a liquid systemic that you mix into water and pour onto the root zone. You need to apply NOW, don't wait until they get bad. It takes several weeks to move up into the plants. I didn't apply until July 4. I still got some damage - they will eat the plant but the poison kills them in a day or so.

Bayer Rose & Flower Spray has the same active chemical in it, just in a spray form. You have to spray repeatedly. With the shrub version, it lasts for 6 months to a year (read the label; I think they've had similar versions with different durations on them). I assume you could use the shrub version on cannas, but I haven't tried it. In my yard, the beetles seem to prefer the plants I treated, plus the roses and raspberries.

We have many acres of horse farm and golf course behind us, so treating our lawn with milky spore would be pretty pointless, unfortunately.

About the traps, I read once that the best place for them is in your NEIGHBOR'S yard, since they actually attract the beetles! :)

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"In my yard, the beetles seem to prefer the plants I treated..."

Is this what you meant to say??

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