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southerngardening24June 26, 2014

I planted about 12 small canna plants (that I grew from seed in february/march indoors) a few months ago into my flower bed. Many of them have more canna growing around them lately. My question is how do they multiply from a plant grown from seed just months ago? Do they form bulbs that quickly and then bulblets?

I'm going to have a canna jungle out there. Do I need to pull out the smaller ones and replant or should I just let them fight for the space?


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You must first understand the basic concept to canna growth and reproduction. Cannas grow and multiply from rhizome growth and not bulb or bulblet production. The underground modified stem (rhizome) develops shortly after the seed germinates. It is directly attached to the base of the seedling. All future growth depends on the rhizome growth. The underground stems that grow from the seedling will continue to produce additional flowering stalks throughout the growing season.

Seasoned growers quickly learn that it is necessary to provide plenty of growing space for each seedling transplanted. Typically we allow 14 to 18 inches between each seedling to prevent overcrowding.

Do not attempt to divide your seedling at this time. You may need to transplant them to provide more room for each plant.


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Thank you very much for the info! I really appreciate it!

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