withjoy2u(5b)July 2, 2013

I have always admired foxglove but never had it in my garden. This year I decided to try some plants in my shady beds. I really like it. Can anyone give me tips on how to get it to come back next year? Do I plant more seeds now? Wait for it to re-seed? Buy more plants next year and view them as annuals?

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Foxgloves are very good at seeding themselves if you leave the old flower stalks. In fall, you can hear the seeds rattling about when you shake the dry stalks.
Alternatively, you could plant the perennial foxgloves which takes some of the emphasis away from have to re-seed.

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I bought a foxglove plant last year. I know it doesn't flower the first year but should it be flowering by now?

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

Be patient.....they should bloom soon....

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These are biennials although they do last beyond 2 years. They are supposed to flower in the second year and die off by the third season but they are known to live a bit longer. You can have a succession of blooms if you plant seeds every year so once one plant dies off, another is growing and another will flower.

Now foxgloves are the souce of the drug digitalis.. Pretty but also poisonous. Just be aware of this.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Digitalis grandiflora and D. luteus are two examples of perennial foxgloves. They are both pale yellow, but grandiflora has larger flowers than luteus. They come back reliably year after year, and are true perennials. The commonly grown, cottage garden foxgloves are biennials. Allowing them to self-seed in the garden is usually all that is needed, so don't cut the flower heads off.

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