Out of control Cannas

patty527July 18, 2006

Help! My yard is being taken over by the cannas I planted 2 years ago. I know now that I should have contained them with a barrier. I am trying to get rid of the ones that I have not relocated and they refuse to leave! :) Is there any way to get rid of the huge root systems? I have dug them, broke them back all year, all I know to do, still they grow. They are beautiful but I do like my other plants too. :)



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You could dig up the whole root system , then plant only one rhizome back in the area or, dig it up and place a nice pot in the flower bed and plant the canna in it.

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Thanks annz. I have taken a few of them and sunk them in a very large container in ground. As for digging up the root system, I took a tiller to a very deep level and sifted and dug all the rhizomes I could find. They must be able to survive from just a tiny piece. They even seem thicker this year. Is there a brush/bush control that would work to the rhizome level on these anyone?

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I've dug orange canna out of the same bed for over 16 years now. Can't kill the suckers.
Good luck!
Tally HO!

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16 years!?! I guess this will be either a long battle or a surrender. Thanks!

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aquarius1974(z8 SC)

I have seen them cut to the ground and then burned with a bonfire over top. That killed MOST of them but a few did come back.

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With bamboo, some people recommend mowing down all new growth for at least a couple of seasons. No photosynthesis = eventual death. Also, you might want to follow-up repeated mowings with a few layers of newspaper and some black plastic for awhile and see what happens. If it works with boo, it should work with cannas. Good luck!

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roxannemoskal(Z6 PA)

Why not dig them up and trade for something else you want??

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Please....Don't kill them all!!!! I will send you postage for as many as you want to send me. I had lost so many due to hurricane flooding last year and have still not been able to afford to replace. I really would love to hear from you and see how many you want to send me so I can get money out to you asap.

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If you have not destroyed them all yet, please contact me. I would love to have as many as possible. I am just starting here on a new place but have had good luck with my Bengal tiger cannas and would consider trading some. If not interested I will pay posting costs for yours. thanks

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sondra_tn(South East TN (6/7))

What kind of canna's do you have? I would be interested in paying for shipping or whatever as well... :))


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ldeardorff50(z6 OH)

I will also pay as much as you want for shipping,if you or anyone could send me some cannas.I have been looking for several years now and cannot find any anywhere,Please let me know.

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Gee I wish I had that problem. I lost several before they could multiply. They rotted in the ground, I didn`t think I needed to mulch or store for winter in this zone(near Roswell New mexico.

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