Angel trumpet blooms

lovetogrowflowers(8)June 14, 2010

Hi, I had my first bloom for this season open last night. Today though the bloom looks wilted. It is very hot today and the brug is in full sun during this time of day. It's 94 feeling like 102. Is this normal? Do Brug blooms wilt during the day and open back up or what?

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Yes the blooms will wilt along with the foliage but it should look fine when the sun goes down provided the plant has sufficient water.

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Yes its normal. Try to give them extra water to make them last longer in the heat. I only get a couple days before they dry up here when its this hot.

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Thanks so much to both who replied. I was beginning to panic. I couldn't remember how long they lasted. I have several buds that will be opening soon as well, and many more buds on there as well. I'm so excited.

This particular brug grew fast. I sat it out in April and its close if not already to 4-5 feet tall. I love it. The other two, basically in the same location are coming along, put out at the same time, but just not doing as well. One has a heck of a time getting eating by caterpillars it seems. It looks pitiful. Anyway, thanks again.

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You can get some stuff called BT and spray it. It only kills caterpillars and cut worms.

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