Bengal Tiger, canna virus (photos)

stephanie_kay(5a IL)July 29, 2009

I just got a piece of Bengal Tiger given to me and after I planted it last evening I started thinking it looked like it might have a canna virus. I hate the thought of tossing it but I have my other canna to think of.


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marquest(z5 PA)

You said it was given to you. Any new plant I usually plant in an area that I use as a holding area.

Cannas... you could put it in a pot with good soil water it with 1 tablespoon of epsom salt in a gallon of water and see how the plant performs. It could just be stressed from being dug up or being grown in a over crowed condition.

I think we panic far to much and destroy plants when it might not be necessary. JMHO.

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)


They are in the ground but away from my other canna's a bit.

Though I only got them yesterday, they looked like this before I dug them out and the other ones look the same. Not all the leaves look bad. But I remember last year that they looked kind of bad and I wondered at that time if they may have a virus.

Perhaps they just have a few odd looking leaves.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I was just saying looking bad could be bad treatment. If cannas do not get enough moisture, grown in good soil or fertilized the leaves look bad.

I did not want to give you the impression that I would rule out that they are virused but maybe they needed some extra care.

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

That is why I was wondering, because I know they come from where they do get full sun, watered every day, great soil. They are in a different spot from last year but I still worry that it maybe a virus. Though they are given good care, I do not know if they know enough about canna virus or pay enough attention to know that the canna may have it. Does that make since.

I did not take offense to your first answer I was just sharing more info with you and anyone else that may answer.
As much as I like them I have other canna growing and do not want to infect them if this is a virus.


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Important note-
Most of the Canna's viruses are not moving from plant to plant by insects, but by unclean knives when you propagate it vegetatively.
There's no need to dig it off.

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