What kind of butterfly is this?

terryr(z5a IL)August 26, 2011

This morning I saw this butterfly enjoying the bananas I have in an old saucer hummingbird feeder (no top). I took shot after shot and only in the last one was I able to get a glimpse of the inside of it's wings. I've searched and I've searched online, tying to ID it from the outside and possibly from what little I can see on the inside with no luck. Can anyone ID this butterfly for me? Larger than a Meadow Fritillary, smaller than a Monarch.

wings closed

wings slightly open



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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

At first I thought it might be a comma, but after checking the dashes on the wings, I can see it's a question mark.
Congrats - I've raised a lot of them!

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terryr(z5a IL)

Thank you Sherry! I'm not sure where it came from. I think my decision to put out bananas was a really good one! ;-) I hope it sticks around and brings family and friends! I also saw, for sure this time, my first Pearl Crescent of the year! Now s/he was sure photogenic!

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bev2009(6 IN)

Lovely picture. I've never seen one.

OK, i keep meaning to put out fruit but never get around to it. I've been saving a banana to put out, so here I go. I'll post if I attract anything. I need to go out and release a BST the hatched earlier anyway.

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terryr(z5a IL)

Thanks Bev! Try the fruit, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! :)

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Nice! Definately a question mark. The shot of the upper wing shows the four identifying marks as well. Commas have only three. I have been tossing out bad fruit. I have had red spotted purples, tawny emperors, and question marks. They get tipsy and I can get really close. I have been to lazy to get pictures posted. Maybe I will save them for this winter when the butterflies are asleep.

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clueless! i'm curious to know the answer when you come across it!

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terryr(z5a IL)

Okay, this was too funny...my hubby and I were standing at the kitchen window (above the sink) around 6pm. He sees a butterfly almost fly into the window, but he tells me he thinks it landed on the ledge!! Sure enough...lol...I took a few shots from inside, then went on outside and got more. Siding and windows were already here when we bought...not my choice! They do need another cleaning though, don't they? :D

This is to show how it's up in the corner there...silly thing..

and this...my gosh..is it hanging by a foot?? LOL

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