Peaches N'Cream seeds

passion_for_flowersJuly 5, 2007

I recently started five Peaches N'Cream from seed. 2 have started coming up. One of them has green leaves and the other looks like what is going to be a red leaf. I collected them myself so I know they came from the same plant. Is the reason they are different because I don't know what they were pollineted with? If so will this also effect the color of the flowers? Would the green leaf one be like the parent that I got the seed from and the red one like the parent it got the color from? I have more questions but will leave it at the few I asked for now.

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I have the same question. I planted Dawn Pink seeds and have one seedling that is green leafed and 2 that have coppery colored leaves (just love the color!).


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Maybe someone will read this and answer my question for both of us. I like the color on mine too. Can't wait for it to get big enough to flower. I wish I had planted them a lot earlier.

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Hi! Your post was awhile ago & I don't know if you'll get this or had other answers, but I think you'll find this is correct:
NO plants grown from seed can be GUARANTEED to be EXACTLY the same as a 'parent' plant, unless POLLINATION is strictly controlled in a CLOSED environment.
Cannas may get pollinated by many bugs as well as bees. As you'd know the pollen is the fertilizing 'agent' from the male plant parts. This will lead to the possibility of many 'fathers' to the seeds on one plant or even one flower.
To stick to cannas .. the ONLY way to get an exact plant like a 'parent' plant is via division of the rhisome. Any NEW colour variation is how 'new' cultivars are 'born' .. the process to actually register etc your 'new' colour/type etc is a long process. Many people have 'sports' (variations) show up when planting from seeds & most never get registered. It's fun to grow from seeds as you never know what you'll get .. some are 'the same' (but they actually have different DNA thru the pollination process & are NOT the same as the parent plant, even when they LOOK the same), some may have characteristics of nearby plants or those of neighbours.
Hope this helps! Want a 'true to parent plant' plant with Cannas .. division is the ONLY way. Dianne.

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