When will my Canna produce a seed?

RookieGardner(z6 NY)July 10, 2005

Thank you all for the responses to my previous post. I was wondering when will my Canna produce it's seeds, and where will they be located? Also if anyone has a source where I could purchase seeds please let me know, I am interested in buying a few different varieties.

Thank You Again

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skygardening(z9 FL)

Seed pods appear at the top after the flower dies off. It takes longer to grow them from seeds. Cannas multiply nicely. They can be devided in the fall in your area. And stored over the winter. The best way to do this is to dig up the clump and put it in water and clean off all the dirt. Then you can see the rhizomes and separate them. Let them dry out for at least a week before putting them in a box with air holes. Store in a cool place until spring.

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What kind of canna do you have?


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weatherguy(z6 Illinois)

Some cannas don't produce viable seeds, please tell us the variety you have...


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RookieGardner(z6 NY)

I'm really not sure what kind I have... The first one pictured is supposed to produce a yellow flower and right now is approx. 5 feet tall. The second one pictured has an orange flower and is approx. 2 1/2 feet tall but it really has never done well at least that's what I think. I also have a Tropicana that I recently bought. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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For sure, Tropicanna won't produce seeds. I've been growing Trops since they were first introduced and have yet to see one seed. But they spread so rapidly that you don't have to worry about getting a good stand the following year.

I'm sorry I don't know what the others are. But you could try to see if they set seed by not cutting the faded flower heads off. If they are going to give you seeds, you'll see them when the dried, round pods split open. They will be dark roundish, hard seeds.


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Check out Karchesky Canna for seeds. They sell some of their and I think the price is $3 for 6 seeds. http://www.karcheskycanna.com/
There you will find the page with the types listed that they sell seeds for.


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