privacy fence with cannas

vintagegardener(ok 7a)July 5, 2007

Yesterday my next door neighbor wanted me to come over to his house as he had something to show me(a very sweet older man).We went into his backyard and I was so surprised as my cannas were growing under the privacy fence into his yard.He told me I could dig them up and if I could think of something that would stop them from growing into his yard.I talked to DH and asked him if we could put concrete along the two fence panels so they would not grow under the fence.He said NO! Which I wasn't surprised by as getting him to help me sometimes is like pulling teeth.

Does anyone know what I can put along my fence to keep my bulbs from going under it and growing in my neighbors yard?

Thanks to all the help in advance.

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I wouldn't recommend this if children are likely to visit the area, but I once used wide roof flashing for a barrier.

I just made a trench with an edger & pressed the bottom edge of the flashing into the trench.

It has very sharp edges, so wear heavy gloves & be careful.

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I did the same thing 2 years ago along one of my stockade great, no intruders and no escapees. I used a heavy duty stapler and stapled the top at 1/2 foot intervals to the fence to make sure no injuries would occur. It's held up very well. I have 3 kids, the youngest being 3 and they never get near it being that it is behind the plants against the fence. but even if for some reason they did, like a ball going back there, i am confident they won't get hurt with it being stapled to the fence. I highly recomend it.

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