Echinaceas (cone flower)

wmc1July 30, 2009

Do the coconut lime, razz-m-tazz and pink double delight bear seeds, dont seeem to see any. How to multiply?


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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

I'm not sure -- I've never seen any, but will keep on eye on my 'Pink Double Delight' this year. My general assumption with most "double" flowers, is that they do not produce any seed.

Otherwise, division in spring is possible.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Not sure about those, but I started Doppelganger (Doubledecker) coneflower in my yard a few years ago, from seed I obtained through mail order.

If the varieties that you mention do set seed, note that most of the offspring may not have the characteristics of the parent plant. That is, I have quite a few offspring popping up from doppelganger, but most will just be the basic purple flower (not double).

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Thanx for the reply on gardenweb guys, doubles do set some seeds and are not the same as parent but would like to see what happens, have all kinds of them. Will have to do some Basal cuttings to get a few more now I have more info on that.

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They probably won't come true to form if you do get seeds from these plants.

A couple of years ago I purchased a doubledecker, expecting well, double decker.. That still hasn't happened. I suspect i do have a geneticly true double decker but unfortunately just didn't perform as it should have.

Glen - did your doubledecker produce double decker blooms?

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coolplantsguy(z6 Ontario)

Sorry, as others have mentioned, it appears as though most of the "double" forms do produce some seed (usually less than the "regular" types), although depending on other nearby Echinacea, the seedlings will be more or less variable.

My experience with crops of 'Doubledecker', is that there is great variability, with some plants producing single flowers, others producing flowers like the picture(s), and still others producing various types of semi-double flowers.

In any case, check out the thread re. 'Pink Poodle' below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Echinacea 'Pink Poodle'

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Hi Ianna,

Yes, my double decker did produce double-decker blooms. I forget where I got the seeds from (USA mailorder) but they stated ahead that not all the seedlings would develop the double-decker type blossoms and for those that do, they might not develop them until the second or possibly third year after planting. One thing too, when the blossom first opens it looks like your basic coneflower then it starts developing the extra petals on top.

Of about 5 plants, 2 or 3 did have the double-decker type blossoms. The ones that didn't were pretty as well (but more your basic echinacea purpurea) so I moved those to the front yard.

This year I also bought the "pink double" echinacea that Superstore (Loblaws) had in their garden centre. It's just starting to bloom. We'll see how it overwinters. I also bought tiki torch, but it's not where close to blooming (probably not this year) so I really hope it overwinters here.

In the last couple of years I do notice more and more baby echinacea sprouting in the flower beds, so it might be neat to see what the offspring look like when they bloom.


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Brand New to the Forum, and the first forum I've ever decided to join. Looking for advice on moving some Echinaceas, just the standard purple coneflower. I would be interested in knowing if I can split the roots or do I need to move an entire plant? Also best time to do so. I live in Sarnia Ontario. Ideas?

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

TimMell: Welcome to the forum! Things are a little slow on the forums these days as everyone is either away on vacation or out in the garden doing the things that gardeners do. As for your question: my experience has been that cone flowers are tough plants and division of the root ball is indeed easy and the way to go to increase your Echinaceas. Hope this bit of info. is useful. .....and sorry I forgot to add that I would wait until your coneflowers are done blooming or/as long as you have about 6 weeks for them to settle in after their move before the frost comes. I generally move around a lot of plants in September and have had good results.

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Thanks for the answers, Rosco.

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TimMell, send me your email, got plenty of Echinaceas, live in Sarnia

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