Canna care late July and August?

texasoiler2(Z6b)July 26, 2012

My cannas are still producing sporadic blooms but leaves are brown, dry, ratty looking. Would now be the time to cut back? I live in the RGV south Texas so 95-100 deg temps will continue for another 2-3 months.I water everyday and pluck old blooms. They will continue to stay green and bloom sporadically through-out the winter I think...neighbors did anyway, but mine were planted 2 springs ago so this is the first summer they had complete height and bloom. All are same variety, very common I'm sure( they were pass-a-alongs from a neighbor) so not able to give name. Leaves are bright green and blooms are yellow/peach blush color, height 5-6 feet. They are growing fine but look really ratty so would like to clean them up? Thank you in advance for any advice.

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Boca_Joe(zone 7A)


The best thing to do is to cut off the bloomed out stalks AT THE GROUND. The plants will continue to push up new growth and flower more and look much better too.

Boca Joe

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Without a photo, I can only make several suggestions.
Typically your hot temperatures do not cause cannas to look ratty, assuming they are well watered and fertilized. In your area cannas are often infested with one of the leaf roller species. That would require the application of a pesticide. Most canna cultivars grow and spread quite rapidly at your location and really need to be lifted or thinned out each early spring; every other year for sure. The overcrowded condition can create the possibility of rust on the leaves as well as other diseases.
Assuming none of the above apply; you will likely need to cut back all the bloomed out mature canes and leave only the newer canes to grow and bloom. As cannas grow and spread they will continue to produce new cane growth from around the base of the plant. The older canes typically produce only two to three bloom inflorescences and it is done. That particular cane can then be cut about 2 inches above the ground and discarded. So you certainly can remove all the old growth canes but I would leave any new growth that has not finished blooming.


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