an I.D. please

greylady_gardenerJuly 28, 2014

hello, I have not posted in this forum before, but as a friend asked for an I.D. of this canna and I didn't know, I thought that someone here would. :)
any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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This canna cultivar is one of the more famous and interesting cultivars from the somewhat recent past 100 years. The valid name is subject to ones perspective of historical data and research. Wikipedia canna information declares that this cultivarâÂÂs valid name is C. Yellow King Humbert. Most research experts agree that this cultivar is a mutation of C. Red King Humbert or simply King Humbert.

Throughout North America this cultivar has be sold primarily under the name as C. Cleopatra. This name is widely used around the world and a search for canna Cleopatra will produce your cultivar. Keep in mind that this cultivar is considered to be a mericlinal chimera; meaning that it tends to show both leaf and bloom color phases. In other words it is somewhat unstable in appearance as opposed to a periclinal chimera.

For most individuals, C. Cleopatra is the name of choice.



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Thank you very much for your answer. I will let her know right away.

ETA: so does that mean that each time it grow in a season it could look different?

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In plain terms YES!

C. Cleopatra will vary in leaf color and bloom color. This plant often produces some stalks of all green leaves with just yellow blooms /small red dots. Some plants will produce both the variegated leaves with the red streaks and sometimes it may produce a stalk with a completely red bloom. In other words, we can never be sure what that next stalk will produce. It will always be a combination of one of these colors. Your plant at present is producing the best of any of these combinations. If you will notice it appears that the new growth leaf at the bottom is not yet showing any variegation yet!


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I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Thank you again. :)

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