canna intrigue flopping

nucci60(6 Ma.)July 29, 2007

Got a canna intrigue in june that was already growing. it is dividing nicely.It is in good soil with enough water and sunshine.Now that the new leaves are getting larger they are flopping over before they open. This is my only canna doing this.Any one have this problem? It is only 18 inches tall.

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Hey Nucci!

Its me again. I responded to one of your comments in the banana section. (*ripping leaves on Ensete Maurelli)

Anyway it sounds like we are growing many of the same plants. I too have several Canna Intrigue. Once again I have also had the same problem. Flopping leaves before they open.

What are you fertilizing with? I sure both of these problems are from overfertilizing. (In my case anyway) I know that when I cut back on the fert these things stop happening.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

Hi, i just used a osmocote when I planted it. I recieved it already leaved out from karcharsky cannas, and she said it is the weather.(?)I have tropicana,stuttgard, striped beautr, wyoming and australia that are not flopping.Of course musifolia does not flop because it is growing too fast to think about it.LOL

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Interesting! Weather related she said. My experience with cannas has proven that when it is hot and sunny the plants love it and grow very quickly and appear very healthy. When its cool or damp nothing really happens.

Did you ask the lady you bought it from if she added any fert recently? I bought a Basjoo this summer from Home Depot. I didn't notice until I got it home but the store had given it way to much Miracle Grow or something. There were blue crystals everywhere and the plant hasn't really recovered.

We've had such a mixed bag of weather this summer it would be hard for me to determine if that was a cause for my Canna Intrigue drooping. I do know that a fresh new leaf that is coming up strong will be much longer and flopped over the day after fertilizing though.

cheers and good luck with your tropicals.

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Speaking of flopping Canna, check this out ...

I've recently had two Canna ( Flacida ) do this. The first one to do it has since, righted itself.

It can't be from too much fertilizer, as no extra fertilizer was added. I have noted that fertilizer can be a dangerous thing, especially when applied to seedlings.

It may be to too much heat.

Whatever it is, the flower stem weakens and sucumbs to gravity, flopping over.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

Is it getting enough moisture?

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More than enough. If you look closely, the ground is wet.

Oddly enough, only the Canna on the West exposure flop like this. I have noted that their canes are tilted toward the Sun which as we all know here in the Northern Hemisphere arcs across the Southwestern Sky in Summer. Canna in shade and directly in the Sun, have both done the same thing. The photo above is of a Canna in Sun.

I think what is happening is that they are growing with a tilt toward the Sun and when they flower, the weight of the flower and buds pulls the whole thing over. After the flowering is complete and the petals fall away, the stems regain their stature, tilted though it may be.

Canna facing North, don't suffer in the same way. I don't have any facing East or South.

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