Ready to re-pot browning cacti

QSis(6)May 25, 2014

At least, I think that's what I need to do.

I've had the two little cacti in tiny clay pots for several years. They grew slowly and steadily, but now I see browning at the bottom.

Time to repot, right?

I have regular potting soil, Miracle Gro cactus soil, perlite and chicken grit (found some!).

I know I'm supposed to sift the bark out of the soil mixes, but then, what proportions of stuff?

Also, I have an Easter cactus whose leaves are just getting green again, after bleaching out last year in the summer sun. It only had a couple of blooms this Easter. Might be outgrowing it's pot?

Can I use the same soil mix for it that I use for the little cacti?

Thanks for your continued help!


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I still don't know how to upload multiple photos in the same post!


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

The browning might be from moisture and ground related mold. It is better to put some gravel mulch over your medium.

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Edited because I misread the post. Excuse me!


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Okay, wantonamara, I will do that.

Do you think I need to re-pot anything?

If so, what recipe for soil mix?


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I thought the browning was natural corking from I wrong?


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So, if Christopher is right, do I have to do anything other than put some gravel as a top dressing?

No repotting?


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Id say add gravel i don't think the roots have outgrown the pot yet

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I think if they had been grown a little more lushly in the past the corking wouldn't have occurred so quickly, but they look healthy and, IINM, could use a repot into more porous soil. A lot of Mammillarias do naturally cork, as well. Top dressing is of course optional, but it gives me something else to geek out about.

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Well, ALRIGHT! :-)

Thanks, folks!


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