Edible Cannas

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A couple weeks ago I decided that one of the spots where I put Cannas was just wrong, nothing stopping Cannas from creeping into other plants in that bed. Last June I buried around 8 nice-sized chunks of rhizome. When I dug them out, I cut off the stems at the rhizome, shook off all of the dirt, cut off most of the roots, and had 2 5-gallon buckets full of rhizomes. That's an amazing increase. I've shared them with 5 other people, and relocated some, but wow, apparently at any time there's a ton of excess in any given spot.

Apparently these are edible in several ways, confirmed on another site. Well that's cool, especially if they're going to multiply this fast. I'm not into trying to make the starch thing, but would like to try the sliced stem in stir fry, and wrapping food in leaves. Is anyone using Canna culinarily? Please elaborate.

This is another spot of them.

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Yes cannas are considered edible according to Dr. N. Tanaka as published in âÂÂThe Utilization of the edible canna (Canna discolor) in Asian countriesâÂÂ.

Other than starch production the canna is primarily use as feedstock for their animals, primarily hogs. As you know, hogs or starving people do what they must to exist. I am unaware of many who would consider cannas as a delicacy in any way shape or form.

Shortly after the above publication, several knowledgeable canna enthusiasts tried preparing cannas a number of ways; I know of none that planed on stocking their food pantry thereafter. I have tried peeling fresh new growth rhizome shoots and find them bland and somewhat fibrous with little taste.

Cannas are much more useful as a filtration in sewage lagoon runoff for removing contaminates.

I guess it takes all kinds; be sure to let us know how you like your cannas.


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