OT: I met Marcienew

princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)June 9, 2010

I got the opportunity to meet Marcie Monday evening. We even did some clandestine plant swapping in the Walmart parking lot.

I took her pic but she asked that I not post it, because she did not have any makeup on, I said that's ok because I don't have on any either. Her DH was with her, It was a pleasure to meet both of them.

The jasmine that I got in the trade had a bloom to open and the scent is strong. It is doing great.


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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

LOL, good job PA, the Jasmine sounds nice. Marcie has tried to make it to our swaps, but had to cancel last minute so I haven't had the chance to meet her yet and I think she lives a lot closer to me than you.

Marcie, if you read this I have that creeping fig for you that I'm holding for the fall swap.


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Its fun meeting forum members isn't it. Glad you got the chance to meet.

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There's a few of you down there in TX, nobody up here for me to meet in CO. But I know folks who aren't gardenweb members who grow brugs, so it evens out. Sounds like fun PA, LOL on the no makeup!

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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)

I look strange with red lipstick and blue eyeliner anyway.
I am slowly meeting the people on here that are locals if there is such a thing in texas. 300+ miles to the nearest border. I won't cross it , they may not let me back in!!!

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Lol, there are plenty of us in Texas to keep you in road trips for a while, lol. Been working to much to do much with the plants other than water and feed. Time to tackle insect issues once I get things straight at the shop and feel a little better. Found one small brug today with nothing left of the leaves except ribs. Whatever ate it had moved on.

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I really think that all you all should take a trip to DC. You could meet Dave in VA and me! lol PA you'd probably look better in a a sheer gloss and dusty rose eye shadow ; )

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Hey PA, that was great meeting another brug lover! LOL you your makeup!

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