Dwarf varieties

Nana2(z5 OH)July 14, 2005

Last year for the first time, I planted several Dwarf Cannas and all flourished. Dug and labelled all rhizomes in late Fall.

Planted same rhizomes in same location this year and somehow I have several *normal* tall Cannas with the smaller blooms mixed in with them.

I do have the taller variety planted in an area about 15 to 20 feet away from the Dwarfs (dwarves?).

The rhizomes from the taller Cannas were dug and labelled as well.

Can having the two varieties planted close to each other cause the Dwarfs to change???? Doesn't seem plausible to me and is very bewildering as I know each type was stored in a different box.

In addition, I started the Dwarf variety early in pots and the rhizomes were smaller than the tall ones.

Am I losing it here????? (more than likely........)

If this isn't possible, guess I will have to blame my husband (the usual culprit) for shuffling my stuff once again ;0)


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