Pruning overgrown cedar

plantastic(zone 3 prairies)July 2, 2013

I moved into an older house in Saskatchewan this spring. Under the front window is an overgrown cedar bush, about 6 feet high. It is not attractive and hangs over the path to the front door. If I cut it way back I will be left with bare branches. This I can live with IF it will sprout from the cut ends next year. Does anyone know if/how this will regenerate? Thanks.

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I presume you are referring to White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis)? It will not re-generate from bare branches.

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plantastic(zone 3 prairies)

Thank you Smivies. I am not sure of the variety, I have tall columnar cedars and also this shaggy bush one, very common in this area I have noticed. OK so if it won't regenerate then it will have to come out. Sorry, plant.

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