Canna ID

GAV65July 13, 2014

Can anyone help by IDing a variety of this Canna? I found a plant that looks identical to the plant in the attached image. I am beginning to think it is just wild Canna indica and is not of a specific variety.

Thank you.

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Well it might have been better if we could see a photo of the canna you found but for whatever it is worth: there are several related forms of the canna specie canna indica as well as several other distinct canna species.

To be truthful, there are very few highly trained taxonomists capable of correctly identifying all these specie plants.

The picture canna appears to me to be (or a close relative):

Canna indica var. warszewiczii: This variety is distinguishable from C. indica var. indica by having purple-red-margined leaves, purple-red fruits and slightly corm-like thickened terrestrial stem at the base. Additionally to this, there are normally two staminodes , recurved backwards, and the stamen is often strongly reflexed at the apex. These characteristics are fairly stable in this taxon.

This particular canna was thought to be crossed (pre 1900) with some of the other specie cannas or their offspring to produce many of our hybrid cultivars of today. It is still propagated by some gardeners and will breed true from seed.


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Thank you for your information

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