Am I killing them????

Bexz_Dopey(z8 AZ)July 21, 2005

I bought some canna at home depot and planted them in partial shade. They have been in the ground three weeks and the leaves are drying up and turning brown. It is still growing new leaves and blooming in the center. What can I do to help my cannas? I do not want to lose them. Also will I need to dig them up in the fall? The temp gets down to 42 degrees at the coldest part of the year and it is only that cold for a day or two. Please help me save my Cannas!!

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The leaves sometimes do turn brown when they are replanted. I wouldn't think you have anything to worry about. They will recover just fine & you will not have to dig them up for the Winter. Your zone will allow you to leave them planted for overwintering. They will die back this Winter & come back next year with a bang. Just a tip though, they will grow bigger & have more blooms if planted in sun. Betty

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Bexz_Dopey(z8 AZ)

Thank you so much!!! I was worried about them.

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