Canna virus

bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)July 28, 2012

For the first time, my Cannas (one variety given to me so I don't know what it is) are growing absolutely great this year. So I had decided to get some new varieties for next year. While researching various types, sources, etc. I came across a lot of postings about canna virus. What's the current situation? Is there a cure now? Is it really a big threat?

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The general situation remains much the same. Most growers are now very aware of the problem and a few are making progress towards the elimination of contaminated planting stock. In some ways it is somewhat like trying to eliminate the common cold. There is no cure for a virused plant. At the present time the answer lies with trying to find clean plants for a planting stock foundation, tissue cultured explants that have been virus indexed or growing new cultivars from clean seed and virus indexing.
All the above is both very time consuming and expensive. The chance of recontamination is always present.

The consumer must be aware of the problem and assuming their plants are clean they need to become familiar with the virus symptoms and grow any new plants somewhat isolated from the clean stock. Choose your supplier carefully and expect to pay a premium for clean stock. It is necessary to destroy any virused plants found.


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ctreynard(Zone 6--Chicopee, MA)

Bill and Kent, thanks to each of you f succinct question and answer, respectively. Are there any reliable sellers at this point?

Thank you again.

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there is a new product that will be out next year to keep the virus dormant for a few months each dose.. I wouldnt go out and buy a virus canna on purpose but if you can't seem to find a clean plant of the kind you want Id get it anyway and wait it out

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do you know any details about this product? Where should I look for it?


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