lynnsherbs(4 Minnesota)July 6, 2006

I purchased these from McClure/Zimmerman this year. No red foliage at all - 1 has a streak down the middle. Is this common for the first year? I've never purchased from these folks before.


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Cleopatra I have has a streak also. I am not aware of any with red foliage.

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The most I ever got was a leaf that was half burgundy, half green. As the rhizome matured every other leaf would have more red.......but never more than half.

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Cleopatra is the unpredictable canna--you never know what she'll give you. Usually the foliage is green with perhaps a red streak somewhere. The blooms are usually yellow with red freckles, but occasionally you get one that's half yellow/half red.

It's a high maintenance canna. From what I've been told, to keep the streaking and bicolors, you have to cut off the green foliage or toss the whole rhizome. I've never done this and mine still does the occasional streaking, but nothing as dramatic as some of the pictures I've seen.

Don't give up. Let it multiply and see if you acquire the streaking and bicolor blooms. They'll be sporadic.


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